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Happened across an article on the Los Angeles Times blog site that shares some great photos of fabricated acrylic furniture and flooring effects used in the movie, Tron: Legacy.

Plas-Tech has done quite a bit of movie and TV work, as well.  It’s quite a thrill to work with set designers right from the inception phase where you’re sitting around the able tossing around ideas, exploring how to turn the impossible into the possible; and then all of the talk turns into a drawing and then a set of design specs.


You can see this room in the trailer, below, at about 1:21

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Why Acrylic For Movie Sets & Props?

Acrylic is a GREAT material to use for movie sets and props – it comes in various edge finishes that can glow like neon. It’s lighter than glass and won’t shatter. And, it can be machined into just about any shape or form.  It comes in sheet, rod and tube profiles making structures and fixtures that appear to be of one solid body.

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IMG_1045The Town of Whitby commissioned a park within a new North-end subdivision.
Part of the contemporary design elements included a covered canopy-like structure that provided park visitors protection from extreme sun and rain.
The city approached Plas-Tech to consult on the selection and manufacturing of a lightweight glazing product that could withstand direct sunlight and a large snow-load.
City architects selected 16mm polycarbonate multi-wall sheet (Ice) and the mega-lock 16mm aluminum profiles.
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Plas-Tech worked for the better part of 3 months at building one of Canada’s Largest Broadcasting sets in Toronto’s history. Plas-Tech was fortunate enough to be awarded the plastic fabrication portion of the innovative NHL set design located in the CBC building downtown Toronto. The set included thick cast acrylic anchor desks, frosted acrylic baffles and panels, roll stock white polycarbonate, custom machined wall display boards (puck walls) and many more features and finishes fabricated out of sheet, rod and tube. This set utilized Plas-Tech’s latest technology in plastic fabrication including 3 and 5 axis CNC machining, laser cutting, vacuum forming / drape forming and polishing / finishing.


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